Ellen Surprises Pregnant Military Wives on Mothers Day

It's hard to be without family members in the armed forces, especially on days that call for special family celebrations like Mother's Day. So we can only imagine how excited two lucky women must have felt when they were surprised by messages from their husbands at the Ellen Show!

Both women were unsuspectingly sitting in the audience of the Ellen Show when their husbands suddenly appeared on the screen. As is indicated in the video, both women are currently expecting a child while their husbands are away. We can't help join in their smiles and tears while watching these heartfelt messages from their brave spouses and soon-to-be-fathers - a Mother's Day gift they will never forget!


It's these small messages of love that mean the most to mothers. We hope that all mothers were able to experience the same heartfelt love and excitement from their families on Mother's Day this year!