Taking Care of Our Single Friends This Valentine’s day


By Stephanie Corder

It’s Valentine’s Day month, which is likely to either produce hearts in our eyes or cringes in our tone of voices.

No matter how you see about this holiday, I can tell you one thing: this month is tough for singles, especially parents. With all of the Valentine’s fluff on TV, social media, and stuff their kids bring home from school, it can turn into one giant month-long reminder that they are living this life solo.

I am not here to speak for singles, but rather encourage those of us in relationships to remember what it felt like to get through a Valentine’s Day without someone by our side. It’s not to say that it made us feel fragile, it just made us think harder about when that hole in our heart would someday be filled with a great love.

This month, make an effort to reach out to your single friends. This gesture isn’t supposed to make them think we pity them, but instead make them feel authentically loved in a way they would liked to be loved on.

Here are four of our favorite ideas to show a little extra love to our single friends this month (hint: it all involves just helping them out a little bit!):

  1. Take over a home-cooked dinner: we all know the value of not having to make dinner for the night. We get all the time that it takes to plan, cook, and clean all back to ourselves. Give them the gift of a break by cooking a special dinner for your friend (and maybe their kids) and simply drop it off on their doorstep with a loving note.

  2. Write them a note: in the day and age of the internet, hand-written notes are a lost art. Sit down and write them a note about how much you love their friendship. Mail it to them with a big heart on the envelope. We have a feeling this will be one of their favorite valentine notes to-date.

  3. Babysit their kids and/or dog: if you have a feeling your friend might need some time to themselves for either a shopping trip or even a weekend getaway, offer to watch their kids and/or their pets for them. This will allow your friend to get some much needed time to reset and recharge.

  4. Send them a Valentine’s Day bottle of wine: or chocolates, or flowers, or whatever you think is appropriate. All of those cliché gifts work for a reason, so send them one they might like. While your friend might laugh a little, the thought will count, and it will mean a lot to them.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is more than over-the-top Facebook posts; it’s an opportunity to show all of those closest to us just how much we love them, including our single pals. While this holiday can be tough for them, I think more than likely they just want to be supported and seen authentically as our dear friend, not as a project to be fixed.

Let us know in the comments how you take care of your single friends during February!

Stephanie is the Creative Director of Families of Character. She loves spending time with her fiance by escaping to the mountains for hiking, eating, and resting! Although she isn’t a parent yet, character has changed her life for good and her future kids will be well-equipped!

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