10 Budget Friendly Family Fun Activities for Summer

Are you 2-3 weeks into Summer and already running out of fun family things to do while still maintaining a budget? While your little people are thrilled to be out of school, you might be wondering how you’re going to spend this glamorous summer time, without trashing your house or completely emptying your bank account. Don’t worry! I’ve done some searching and asked some other families what they enjoy to keep the excitement of summer high and your wallet full.

Here are the top 10 budget friendly, family fun activities for SUMMER.

1.       Hit up a spray ground or spray park. Most are equipped with climbing webs, teeter totters, swings, squirty sea monsters, water canons and more!

2.       Take full advantage of the cooler days to visit a park with delightful little lunch venues nearby. Check your area for parks you didn’t even know existed and explore together!

3.       Put your senses to work! Visit a museum or petting zoo to let your mini-me’s enjoy animals from the past and present. Get down and dirty in a dinosaur dig or prancing around with the goats.

4.       Create an outdoor book nook. Maybe its inside your family trampoline or skyline swing from the tree. A tent would work just great, too! Throw an old sheet up with a few clothes pins, get your flashlights loaded with batteries and read on!

5.       Luxury backyard movie night can be quite magical. Borrow a projector from a family or church group and rig a sheet in front of the garage door and use your imagination for a comfy spot to sit or lay. Maybe the kids use an old box to design their own car for the “drive in” theater. Or use the family inflatable pool grandma bought you and toss some pillows and blankets inside for a “nest” effect.

6.       Minute to Win It Game Night can be enjoyed by all ages. Simplify games for the littles, and make challenges for the older kids and parents to work out. There are lists and lists of these games on thechaosandtheclutter.com

7.       Do you live in the city and rarely get to see the stars? How about taking a little drive out into the country and finding a star gazing exhibit to check out! Open up the hatch back of the van or tailgate of the family truck and just gaze!! Print out a constellation collection or go to the local library to grab a book on stars and constellations to help guide your stargazing adventure.

8.       After a rainy day/night, go on a worm hunt, stop and race some leaves down the curbside, and then use those worms for fishing! It doesn’t have to be about how many fish you catch or how big, but how much quiet time you get while enjoying the outdoors and time waiting for the bobber to go under.

9.       Sing and dance your way over to a free summer concert. Take your camping chairs, blankets and maracas to make your own family music to accompany your local musicians. Pack some special snacks and drinks to jazz it up a little!

10.   Looking for a little family friendly competition? How about American Ninja Backyard Warrior obstacle course? Grab some $1 pool noodles, yard marking flags, chalk, garden hose, trikes, bikes, balls, water tables, swings, and go wild!!! Crawl under noodles, ride down the garden hose lane, swing like a monkey, hop in the hula hoops, throw at the target, and FINISH with a high five!

Get everyone involved in planning and creating these family fun activities that will keep you on track with your budget and help you make memories that last a lifetime!

Courtney McCarville is an active wife and mother to four young children ages 9, 6, 4, and 17 months. She is a new stay at home mom, Direct Sales Leader, and previously taught elementary school for 12 years in the Cornhusker State!


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