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Being Purposeful in the Little Things

What is the goal of doing the laundry? The immediate goal is to turn dirty clothes back to clean clothes.  But the further goal–the more important goal–is to have my family ready for the day or the occasion. And being ready for the day or occasion is about the even more important goal of being happy people who live flourishing lives.

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A Journey to Understanding Purpose

I got caught up in purpose being defined as “making a difference with big impact.” For me, I was always comparing my purpose to being a doctor’s purpose of saving lives. I needed my purpose to be big, powerful and life changing. Well, I had it all wrong. I wasn’t meant to be a doctor and to save lives, at least not in that specific way. That wasn’t the purpose God had for me. 

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How to Find Your Purpose This Year

It’s that time of year, when the “new year, new me” posts come out of the floodgates, full of optimism and vision. It’s not to say that these aspirations might eventually become hopeless, but you wonder if behind all of these fabulous goals exists an actual plan to get the job done.

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