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6 Beautiful Ways to Encourage Kids to Serve

The wind howled. Hail poured down. It was the first big storm this fall and the kids and I were happily cooking and laughing together. Then, we spotted him: the neighbor’s gardener fighting the storm in attempts to finish his work. Immediately our heart felt for the man who persevered despite the hail's assault. My two year old suggested we help the man. But what could we do?

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Service, Trending, 1Antoinette Stein
How to Be More Patient on The Bigger Life Things

Whenever something unpleasant wrecks our perfect plans, we see it as pure injustice—even when there is literally nothing anyone could have done to prevent it from happening. It’s especially hard, too, when it involves the bigger life things like marriage, fertility, getting out of large debt, a hard past, or uncontrollable family drama.

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Patience, TrendingSteven Markel