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Have You Heard of the "One Touch" Method?

I really lose my mind during the summer months when we sleep with the windows open.  Denver gets those middle of the night tempests where the rain comes in sideways just long enough to soak your carpet, warp your wooden floors or have your mdf window sills puff up like a sponge.  My husband and I dash to the various rooms, delirious and half blind, trying to close windows before the precipitation causes a lake indoors. I race to the playroom, only to step on matchbox cars, Duplo’s and train tracks.

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What Made Grandpa So 'Together'?

I guess it’s no accident then, as I work to add some order to my life, that I think of my grandfather. He lived to be 93 and he didn’t spend much of that time wrestling with ambiguity. He was organized. He didn’t have an accent or an overtly ethnic name, but his love of details and his allergic reaction to “winging it” was proof enough of his German upbringing. 

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