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You were never meant to do this parent thing alone. With the help of theological scholars, psychologists, and educators, discover what it means to parent with God, how to unlock each family member's uniqueness, and to learn to love and be loved. Your family was made to flourish!


"This was an awesome opportunity to be intentional about quality time as spouses, growing together, and ultimately becoming holy in our own little domestic church - our home!

Mercy & Sergio Gutierrez - Denver, CO

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Four In-Depth Episodes

The videos are designed around the pillars of intentional parenting. Our hosts, Jake & Heather, will share information with you to help you take your parenting from good to great.

These videos go at your own pace. This means that once you sign up you will have immediate access to all the videos. You can watch them as quickly (or slowly!) as you prefer. 

Ep. 1: Nature: There are very real, natural needs that we all have for our souls, bodies, and homes. Learn more about what these needs are and how to meet them. 

Ep. 2 Nurture: Our environments shape us more than we know. Discover what we can do to make the most of the spaces we spend the most time in. 

Ep. 3 Roots: All of us have our own personal narrative built upon our unique life experiences. Uncover important parts of your past and how to use them in a healthy way.

Ep. 4 Virtue: There is no list of parenting rules, but there is a roadmap. Learn the timeless secret to becoming the best version of ourselves: virtue.

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