Living the DREAM!

Temperance was going to play a huge role in my new vocation! Some days I feel successful in managing self control and other days it’s a struggle I fight through.

Almost 3 years ago, I was teaching 26 first graders and was pregnant with baby #4. The idea of being a stay at home mom hit hard and sounded like a DREAM.  Who wouldn’t love eating Bon Bons and binge watching shows all day, sporting sweats, having coffee dates, and gym time? Did I mention no more report cards and faculty meetings? Ha!

This job change wasn’t a new topic of conversation for me and my husband. It had been thrown around a few times, but always got about the same response…. “maybe in 5 years, it’s just not in the cards right now”. Understandable, until it no longer made financial sense and I just couldn’t shake the idea of the dream.

With upcoming school year contracts just around the corner, it was time to make that stay at home mom vocation our new reality. It was no longer just a thought, but a decision which was both exciting and scary. How would this all shake out? What financial sacrifices would we need to make? Would I have the self control to stay focused on the tasks at home, my kids’ school activities, and possibly a side hustle for extra income? Would we SURVIVE?

In my first year of being a SAHM, with a 3 year old and newborn, ignoring the temptation to spend my time at the gym, shopping, and filling my day with bon bons & coffee dates was a pretty easy task. No one in their right mind would do those things with a 3 year old and newborn. No way! Instead, I got really good at multitasking at home. I even managed school drop off and pick up for the other two kids. I also felt enough balance to begin a small side hustle with a direct sales company. That balance seemed on point, and cutting  coupons was actually kind of fun. I would call year one a WIN.

Fast forward to year #2. This year, my kids have grown of course.  We aren’t tied down with a newborn, and my now 4 year old goes to preschool 2 mornings a week. We’re already winning, right? We can get out of the house, we’re down to both girls taking a nap at the same time, business is running smoothly, and Thursdays are designated grocery days.  Seems too good to be true? It IS! But now with all this falling into place, there are days I can easily take it for granted and watch the pendulum swing to the excess of tempering my time and activities.

I guess you could say that I find myself riding the struggle bus with one of the vices of temperance!  Because my kids are a bit older and can be on the go so much, I’ve got myself in a jam of doing a bit too much! I’m out of control with how I busy myself with errands instead of prioritizing tasks like cleaning up breakfast dishes and creating more of a balanced routine for my kids.

Recently, I started a new idea that helps me temper my activities for the day.  I make a list of 3 “must do” tasks for the day and this helps me find the sweet spot!  In doing this (and believe me, it’s hard not to add more to the list), I don’t exhaust myself and I can enjoy this DREAM job I have always wanted. Coffee dates and playdates are still part of the plan so we all get a break and social interaction, but they aren’t happening every day to distract me from getting other things done around the house. I also find that with this new idea in place during nap time, I can work in peace on my side business. It’s in that sweet spot of temperance (self control) that I’m able to see and hear the beauty in my kids, my home, my business, OUR LIFE!

What do you do when you find yourself struggling with temperance?

Courtney is an active wife and mother to four young children, ages 9,6,4, and 17 months. She is a new stay at home mom, Direct Sales Leader, and previously taught elementary school for 12 years in the Cornhusker state!

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