#1 Family Resource in Character Development.


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Quick-Start Guide to Kickstart the Adventure.

Engaging Read-Aloud Story about a person who exemplifies a character strength.

Guided Parents’ Journal filled with inspiration and simple, practical tips

Guided Kid’s Journal full of activities and lessons.

Framable Art to Encourage the Family

An Amusing Activity for Kids of All Ages

Date Night Passport Booklet to inspire you and your spouse to ramp up dating

Accelerator Card for Dads encouraging them to step up and lead by example

A Fun Family Surprise Item in Every Box!

  • Quick-Start Guide: A simple "how-to" that kickstarts the adventure

  • Engaging Read-Aloud Story: Follow in the footsteps of a real-life hero of character strength

  • Guided Parents’ Journal: daily tips and inspirational prompts to rejuvenate your parenting journey
      • Date Night Passport: Rekindle the romance that started it all.

      • Dad's Accelerator Card: Simple tips to inspire dad's desire to lead by example.

      • A Fun Family Surprise Item in Every Box!

We know you already have what it takes—Adventure into Character provides the essential tools & resources to tap into your natural instincts as an amazing intentional parent. Lead your family on an adventure of a lifetime filled with more love & laughter. What are you waiting for?