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"Before Adventure Into Character, I was burnt out, exhausted and doing everything for my kids and my husband. The thing about it was...I thought I was doing the right thing. But, once we started AIC and followed their Three Essentials, the burden was lifted and my family started working together and the nagging, yelling and selfishness ended. I’m blown away at how integrating 3 simple steps changed the entire trajectory of our family! Thank you FOC!"

Adventure into Character mom

"It is a beautiful way to draw families together."

Maura D

"We are so much more organized now-especially on time! My older kids have stuck with a morning routine and are challenging themselves to continue to develop more positive habits. We've also started a weekly family house organization goal which has really helped with 'problem' areas of the house."

Shelah B.

"My husband and I are highly organized and disciplined people. Funny how this doesn't naturally translate to our kids :) I found that the checklists were very motivating for my children. They would beam with pride when they showed me their tidied bedrooms and play area. It's taken a weight off of me to give them responsibilities around the house. Our home is running more harmoniously than it ever has before."

Adventure into Character mom

"The adult guided journal is very well done. By week 3, you begin to clearly see how these small changes could lead to transformation over time. And the 5-star days checklists are absolutely a game changer."

Adventure into Character mom

"Me: “I am looking forward to this.” The kids: “Ooo, an ADVENTURE.” And “Sure.” And “Can we do all the pages now?...It’s about making the rhythm of it, right? So attaching it to something we already do was the key to making it happen."

Brandi M.

"We love the huddle and the goal for each of us each week! Our kids are much more organized and do expect to do certain things. I’m no longer putting toothbrushes away or searching for shoes. Those little things alone have helped so much!"

Julia W.

My kids loved their chore chart and really loved checking off the daily activities. It made them feel a part of the family and was easy to use and put goals on. I consider myself to be fairly organized already, however I found it really helpful to integrate chores and organization in my 5 & 7 year old daughters lives."

Adventure into Character mom

"It has been very easy to implement. Our family now has a common goal each week and each member is developing independence with morning and evening routines. We are getting more organized and working as a team! It has been so helpful!"

Alexandra O.

small steps daily = big change

Our Simple Solutions help your kids develop a growth mindset, self-confidence, gratitude, motivation, and responsibility... little by little, using positive re-inforcement—so it sticks! Little wins add up for measureable improvement.

Your days of nagging and bargaining are over!