Purpose Box FAQ’s

We are making changes. Hopefully this clears things up.

What is the Purpose Box?

We created The Purpose Box for parents who would like to take their children on a 9-week journey through the powerful lessons of virtue. This box has everything you need to jumpstart your parenting strategy in a whole new way with guided practice, enriching lessons, and child-friendly tools

Why is the Purpose Box being phased out?

Simply put, we have been listening to our customers. Originally we wanted to create an all-inclusive experience for parents complete with tools and guides. However, we have learned that parents prefer an experience that they can custom-make for themselves. As a response, we have come out with the The Thrive Journal: Purpose.

What the difference between the new Thrive Journal: Purpose & the old The Purpose Box?

The Thrive Journal: Purpose is a very similar experience to the The Purpose Box, but it’s now condensed into a simple workbook and offered at a lower price. Just like the Purpose Box, The Thrive Journal: Purpose walks our customers through the three character strengths of Orderliness, Assertiveness, and Purposefulness complete with spouse meetings, assessments, family meetings, and goal setting activities.

Can I still buy the Purpose Box?

Yes! We are selling them until we are out of them. Get yours at a discounted rate today before they are all gone. Click here to purchase your Purpose Box today!

More questions? Please email info@familiesofcharacter.com with your questions and concerns.