Frequently Asked Questions about Purpose

What is the Purpose Box for?

The Purpose Box empowers parents to lead their families with virtue. Focusing on orderliness, assertiveness, and purposefulness, this 9-week experience provides practical training and tools to help you apply effective parenting habits.


Who is the Purpose Box made for?

Married couples with kids ages 2–12 who are actively pursuing their Catholic faith.


What does the Purpose Box include?

  • Family workbook

  • Family goal-tracker banner

  • Audio recordings for mom and dad

  • Parent behavior assessments

  • Prayer cards for each virtue


What is the format of the series?

The Purpose Box is made to empower the entire family with you, as parents, leading the charge.

  • LEARN — Mom and Dad listen to audio recordings and read workbook pages.

  • ASSESS — As a couple Mom and Dad set goals for the whole family, and then lead a family meeting to get everyone on board.

  • LIVE — Every family member practices the virtues in daily life and holds one another accountable by keeping track of the family’s progress with the goal-tracker.


How long are the sessions?

The Purpose Box is a 9-week program focusing on 3 virtues. The audio clips are about 45 minutes each, workbook pages can be read in minutes, and couple/family meetings will vary in length, based on your family’s needs.


Is it available in Spanish?

Not at this time.