If first impressions are everything, then this is especially true for Steve. The formality of a first handshake reveals Steve’s authenticity and caring attention to the individual. His confidence cultivates a lingering assumption that he was somehow successful in his past. He may not mention that he spent 21 years as Senior Vice President at American Funds before founding Families of Character. However, you would know within minutes that he has a beautiful wife, five children, and a growing number of grandchildren. Steve has a unique talent of meeting each person where they’re at and encouraging them to grow alongside him, a talent that inspired the creation of Families of Character. 




It may be Stephanie’s passion for art and design which makes it tempting to describe her with bright colors rather than words. She has that “je ne sais quoi” that raises the spirits of any room she walks into. Stephanie is a true Colorado native, receiving her BFA from Colorado State University. Her loyalty to the Denver Broncos and amazing love for her dog, Olive, only perpetuate the Colorado stereotype. Stephanie worked in marketing before joining Families of Character in 2013. As Creative Director, is the creative lead and in charge of all product development.

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A true catalyst of genuine and simple joy, Aly's attitude is the true definition of real optimism. She received her bachelors degree from Northern Arizona University, but that has never stopped her from learning. She is curious about where psychology meets meaningful communication in all areas of life which is ever-so-evident through her past marketing experiences in medical fields, communication fields, and (even actual) farm fields before joining us as Families of Character. As a Colorado transplant from Portland, Aly naturally enjoys taking advantage of the comparative activities that the mile high city has to offer like hiking, camping, and trying out good restaurants. She can also speak French!