We have the perfect journal to accompany a monthly bbq with your favorite parent friends! Meet and chat about a particular character strength and how your families could Thrive together as you sip your favorite beverage and enjoy some low key time together.

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NEW! Just Launched: “The Thrive Journal: Purpose”! We created this for parents who would like to grow their family in areas of unity, joy, and self confidence. This journal has everything you need to jump start your parenting strategy in a whole new way with guided practice, enriching lessons, and child-friendly tools.

You can use this journal with your own family OR invite your favorite parent friends to join you for a small group meet up once a month to sip your favorite drink and kick back while you review a particular character strength and chat about how your families can thrive together.


  • Character strength lessons for both parents and kids

  • Daily journaling for the family

  • Character strength-inspired quotes, verses, and advice

  • Age-based goal suggestions

  • Parent assessments

  • Child-friendly teaching advice

  • Recommended for families with children ages 3-13