Why Virtue?

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be healthy, well-rounded adults. We’ll let you in on a little secret: there is no magic formula to parenting. It takes hard work, dedication, and intentionality. Good character, or virtue, is the key to living this out daily and seeing your family life flourish.

That’s why we created The Thrive Collection!

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The Thrive Collection

Resources to Help You Learn and Live Virtue in Family Life.


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The Purpose Box

Empowers parents to lead their families with virtue. Focusing on orderliness, assertiveness, and purposefulness, this 9-week experience provides practical training and to help you apply effective parenting habits.


Follow Simple Steps

LEARN — Mom and Dad listen to audio recordings and read workbook pages.

ASSESS — They discuss as a couple to set goals for the whole family, and then lead a family meeting to get everyone on board.

LIVE — Every family member practices the virtues in daily life and holds one another accountable by keeping track of your family’s progress with the goal-tracker.


Everything in one box

  • Family workbook
  • Family goal-tracker banner
  • Audio recordings for mom and dad
  • Parent behavior assessments
  • Prayer cards for each virtue

Master 3 Virtues in 9 Weeks

ORDERLINESS - Orderliness is the habit we develop to achieve our goals by doing the things we should do, when we should do them, in the way we should do them. It is one of the most concrete and practical things we can do to bring immediate benefits to our families and ourselves.

ASSERTIVENESS - Assertiveness is the habit we develop to achieve our goals by setting appropriate boundaries, asking for help when we need it, and being confident and positive about our abilities. It recognizes the needs of each family member and helps those needs be met in a healthy fashion by being firm, not overbearing.

PURPOSEFULNESS - Purposefulness is the virtue whereby a person has vision, clear focus, and concentration on goals. A purposeful person does one thing at a time without wasted thoughts or energy. This virtue helps your family understand what you want to accomplish, determine how you are going to do it, and see it through to the end.


"Prior to starting the program, we desired to have a virtuous family—who doesn’t? But, we lacked a strategy on how to actually teach 'character.' We have been so impressed by the program’s ability to walk families through the virtues. This program helps the family realize that none of us are perfect. Our goal is not to become perfect, we’re to become the best version of ourselves."
Mercy & Sergio Gutierrez
Denver, CO

Ready to start thriving?

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