Collection: Couples Coaching

Rekindle your relationship with your spouse and revitalize your family dynamic in our transformative, LIVE personal coaching experience.


6-Week LIVE Couples Coaching

**space limited to 6 couples**

All relationships have peaks and valleys and sometimes you land in a place as a couple where you feel disconnected and resentful towards one another. One or both of you may even feel like you're running yourself ragged trying to do verything for everyone.

In our live, interactive coaching sessions you'll have the opportunity to personally connect with Jordan (your coach) and five other dedicated couples. Together, we'll transform your family dynamics and create a harmonious home.

Jordan has 20+ years of experience coaching and counseling parents in the field of mental health and family wellness. Her passion for Thriving Families and a wealth of experience uniting families to live out their dreams all the while, living "in the world" inspired her to create this series.

  • 🚀 What You'll Gain:

    ❤️ Prioritize Your Marriage: Reignite the sparks and reinforce the foundation of your partnership.

    ✨ Engaging Family Huddles: Learn the art of fun, interactive weekly family meetings that strengthen bonds and keep everyone aligned.

    👧 Empower Your Kids: Equip your children with age-appropriate responsibilities, nurturing their growth and independence.

    🤝 Restore Trust and Connection: Utilize the powerful principles of Rupture/Repair therapy to mend and fortify your relationships.

    🌟 BONUS: Free membership to our monthly Alumni Zoom Sessions for ongoing support, accountability, and Q&A opportunities with Jordan.

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  • 💬 What customers say about their coaching experience:

    "Jordan was able to identify with my problems as a wife and mother as if she had been living in my head for years! Everything she spoke about was exactly what I've been struggling with. Her 3-Step Framework was exactly what we needed, without even realizing it. I've gone from burnt-out wife and mom to having confidence my husband and I (as a team) are doing the right things to raise kids of good character. Truly transformational!"

    -MEGHAN S.

    "Thinking about a Mission for our family definitely helped us come together to identify a common objective. That was very helpful for us. It also helped to have a community of other couples to go through the course with."

    -MARIO C.