Families were made to thrive.

We empower parents to form character in themselves and in their children. 

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The Purpose Box

A 9-week experience that invites each member of your family to understand virtues and live them.

Our box has everything you need to joyfully learn and live the the virtues of Orderliness, Assertiveness, Purposefulness. Our kid-friendly methods and tools will help you apply effective parenting habits and build purpose!

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With parents being bombarded from every side with how they should be living, it can be difficult to remain confident in the season of parenting. By using Families of Character programs, see how these families were able to help build clarity, unity, and joy within their homes.

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Your family matters.

This is more than just a parenting program. Our online experience is centered around building good, TRUE habits at the family level believing that it is the small, daily decisions that build successful families.

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