Live parent-coaching with proven methods for engaging your family + redistributing the mental load.

The Thriving Family Accelerator

provides an easy process to lower stress, parent as a united team, and enjoy a true friendship with your spouse and relationship with your kids.

Guided by an experienced coach

Jordan has 20+ years of experience coaching and counseling parents in the field of mental health and family wellness. Her passion for thriving families and a wealth of experience uniting families to live out their dreams all the while, living "in the world" inspired her to create this series.

I’ve tried every chore chart and every organization system to get my kids to pitch in and help out. What I didn’t realize was missing was Jordan's 3-step Framework to get us all on the same page to connect, agree on what to work on for the next week, and then a celebration to keep things positive! Your simple, repeatable method for busy families is exactly what we’ve needed! Our kids love it!"


Hi, I'm Jordan Langdon

As a parent myself, I know how it is to feel like you're constantly failing. And I've tried it all. From checklists to parenting hacks, nothing quite had results like the easy method I'm going to give you.

If you feel like you've tried everything under the sun, and nothing is working or sticking, then the Thriving Family Accelerator is for you. Regain confidence & joy in parenting!

In the Thriving Family Accelerator, we give you the tools to reduce stress & eliminate nagging & yelling for good!

I take the guesswork out so you can finally have the connected and thriving family you desire.

Not only will you walk away with the resources you need, you'll also gain access to our exclusive alumni group with monthly support and Q&A calls.

Jordan's 3-Step Framework was exactly what we needed, without even realizing it. I've gone from burnt-out wife and mom to having confidence my husband and I (as a team) are doing the right things to raise kids of good character. Truly transformational!”


what's included in the Thriving Family Accelerator

  • support & guidance from a licensed family counselor & coach
  • 4 interactive sessions, guiding you through the 3-step framework
  • in-session guided exercises & reflections
  • complete how-to guide
  • access to online membership library with additional videos and resources
  • printable resources to help you continue the 3-step framework on your own
  • monthly support through virtual Alumni meet-ups

the Thriving Family Accelerator is for you if...

you've tried other parenting strategies & can only seem to find temporary relief & you're ready to have:

a rekindled marriage

Reignite the sparks and reinforce the foundation of your partnership.

stronger family bonds + improved communication

Learn the art of fun, interactive weekly family huddles that strengthen bonds and keep everyone aligned.

empowered kids

Equip your children with age-appropriate responsibilities, nurturing their growth and independence.

restored trust + connection

Mend and fortify your relationships by moving forward with positive, intentional communication.

Reduce the mental load and get a connected & thriving family in just minutes a week!

“I liked the feeling of community and I felt encouraged seeing dads who want to truly lead their families. Learning how to let my husband lead was so helpful."


learn how to organize & engage your family in an easy format

common reasons why parents join our Thriving Family Accelerator

This is a list of common parenting problems experienced by parents in our Accelerator. If you have problems not listed here, please reach out to to discuss if the Accelerator is right for you.

  • nagging & yelling
  • disconnected communication
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • overbooked calendar
  • sibling rivalry
  • parenting differences
  • undermining authority
  • uncooperative kids
  • time management issues
  • marriage drifting apart
  • kids not living up to full potential
  • no age-appropriate responsibilites
  • disrespect
  • calendar chaos
  • scapegoating
  • mental load on one person

Be wildly in love with your spouse while raising kids and enjoy a relationship with your kids where you're no longer nagging and yelling.

valued at well over $1,400

Get it today for just $397

Don't you hate when a good thing ends? Our monthly alumni group is for continued support & community. Join today for support year-round!

Discover the 3-step framework at your own pace

Whether you jump into the Thriving Family Accelerator or prefer to do it yourself with our Huddle Up Guide, you'll discover simple strategies that lead to deeper connections, fulfillment, and boundless joy.

Reveal the confident + capable parent in you + transform the mundane into moments of magic.