transform your family's life with the 3 C's

Connections become stronger.
Calendar chaos is reduced.
Every person is an MVP of the family TEAM.

you have what it takes to build a stronger, more connected family through the power of the 3 C's

With our guide you'll discover how 3 easy steps will drastically improve the dynamic of your family.

connect consistently

These days, many families are running 20 different directions at warp speed. The first step toward less chaos is actually quite simple—getting everyone on the same page with what we call The Family Huddle. You can call it your parley, meeting, or confab, but the point is creating a dedicated space for open communication that's consistent.

Get tips on how to get your team's first family huddle on the books with our guide!

communicate the calendar

Kick off your huddle without a kerfuffle! Knowing what's in store for the week ahead keeps surprises to a minimum. Because let's face it—the only good surprises are around receiving gifts!

You'll be amazed at how this simple step eases so much stress and enables family members to pitch in. Get the guide for more tips!

common goal

Coming together as a team means no one person is shouldering all the burden. You'll be blown away at the effect that having a shared goal has on your family. And we're not talking about anything colossal here. A simple goal is all you need to bond your family together as a team.

Our guide will give you with practical steps and tips to focus on celebrating your progress.

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the 3 C's help families

fuel determination, growing kids in resiliency

positive interactions

encourage action,
not perfection

create self-sufficient,
capable kids

develop a giving mindset

what our fams say

“Jordan was able to identify with my problems as a wife and mother as if she had been living in my head for years! Everything she spoke about was exactly what I’ve been struggling with. Her 3-Step Framework was exactly what we needed, without even realizing it. I’ve gone from burnt-out wife and mom to having confidence my husband and I (as a team) are doing the right things to raise kids of good character. Truly transformational!”


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