Expert Advice: Protecting Your Child From Sexual Abuse with Eli Harwood, LPC

How can we safeguard our children from the horrific realities of sexual abuse? Eli Harwood, a seasoned trauma-healing expert, joins us to tackle this deeply harrowing yet crucial topic. With 17 years under her belt aiding families in their journey toward healing, Eli shares her wisdom on preventative measures, the significance of communication, and the profound effects these experiences can have on an individual.

The conversation takes a turn toward the importance of empowering children through knowledge about their bodies and personal boundaries. We underscore the need for correct language usage and safe spaces for kids to voice their concerns or experiences without fear. Our discussion further takes us into the sensitive terrain of sibling sexual abuse and its effective management - a topic not often broached, but equally essential to address.

The episode concludes with exploring secure attachment and its role in preventing abuse. We emphasize the importance of engaging in open dialogue about body safety and equipping children with the right information and resources. Remember, we are the first line of defense for our kids, and the impact we can have is monumental. So tune in, and let's navigate this together.

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