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Best Me I Can Be – Kid Journal

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Are you ready for your kid(s) to uncover their unique gifts...and begin using them to uplift their siblings and family?

The "Best Me I Can Be" Journal helps kids discover their talents and use them. Through the progression of the journal, they’ll develop a giving mindset as they go from:

  • learning about their gifts to
  • how to best nurture their talents and care for themselves,
  • and how giving through their talents is the true source of GREAT JOY!   

All of this leads to happy, healthy, successful kids who are thriving! Your kids will grow in a “giving” mindset—where they are confident in their ability to better themselves and share their talents with others.

This 147-page kid’s journal:

  • promotes self-confidence
  • develops self-worth and translates it into a gift for giving
  • fosters a giving mindset
  • engages kids and
  • encourages action

AGES: 7-11 (2nd–6th grade)

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