Grandparents4Kids Unites with Parents to Advocate for Quality Education in Schools

Have you ever pondered the profound impact grandparents have on shaping the future? Linda, the wise and warm-hearted founder of Grandparents for Kids, joins us to illuminate the influential role these cherished family members play in the tapestry of education and moral guidance. Through her own experiences as a seasoned medical professional and her passionate involvement in medical missions, Linda brings to life the concept of grandparents as "bonus parents"—integral to nurturing and supporting the growth of our children. Our enlightening conversation with her will leave you inspired and appreciative of the multigenerational bonds that fortify family values and community strength.

We also take a heartening look at how Linda's victory in a speech contest planted the seeds for an organization that today champions the education of our youth. Grandparents for Kids stands as a beacon of advocacy for foundational learning in math and reading, strategically stepping in when parents grapple with the demands of work and life. Linda's fervor for history and education shines through as she discusses the importance of grandparents, parents, and educators joining forces to cultivate informed, responsible citizens with a profound understanding of our nation's past. If you're seeking motivation to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation, this episode will not only touch your heart but also call you to action.

  • Grandparents play a vital role in supporting children's education and well-being.
  • An academic-focused education, including reading, writing, math, and critical thinking, is essential for children's success.
  • There are concerns about the current state of education, including low literacy rates and a lack of critical thinking skills.
  • Grandparents for Kids is an organization that aims to support parents and schools in providing a quality education for children.

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