Is Traveling Worth the Effort When You Have Young Kids?

If you find yourself wondering whether taking a couples-only trip would be worth the effort or whether planning a family vacation would be worth all the time and effort when you have young kids...this episode is for you!

Traveling comes with its fair share of surprises - just like day-to-day family life.  We found ourselves stuck at a crossroads, torn between an unforgettable couple's vacation to Scotland and an unforeseen family emergency when my grandfather passed away a day before we were set for take-off! It was a 24-hour period fraught with emotional turmoil and tough decisions, but the wisdom of our parents and the tools we've worked hard to put in place to help our family manage emotional distress guided us through this challenging time.

And that wasn't the only emergency that popped up!

It's often said that life's greatest lessons are learned outside the classroom, and my son, Parker, proved this to be true. During our trip - while we were away - he encountered a car mishap. But, thanks to the responsibilities we'd entrusted him with over time, he was able to handle the situation with maturity and a sense of initiative. This incident taught us that fostering a sense of responsibility in our children can prepare them for unexpected challenges.

Traveling, when you've still got kids at home, is not only an adventure but also a learning journey. We share our personal experiences of adjusting to new environments, embracing diverse cultures, and encouraging our children to do the same. We also discuss how the bonds formed with our extended family, community, and neighbors continue to contribute richly to our parenting journey. But amidst all the excitement and chaos, taking care of our relationships and ourselves is imperative.

You'll learn about some useful resources, like Families of Character's parent coaching services, and how you can support our nonprofit organization.

So, join us, and you might just pick up some handy tips for your next family adventure! You've got this! Now go enjoy the world!

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