Raising Exceptional Kids in the Modern World

How can we possibly raise exceptional kids in this modern world? With all the pressures society puts on us, how can we parent in a way that truly influences our kids to do what is good and right so they can live exceptional lives where they are thriving and full of joy?

In this episode, I talk about our family’s recent trip to Greece with my husband’s parents and his brother’s family.  I talk about how it really IS possible to have great relationships with your adult kids and their families in your golden years, with a little bit of intention around developing their character.

Speaking of Greece, you may have heard of Aristotle? He is one of the pioneers of virtue ethics (character development) from thousands of years ago. For Aristotle, ethics was a key element of human flourishing or in modern terms “exceptionalism” because it taught people how to differentiate between virtues and vices—balance/imbalance. And by encouraging examination, or “self- awareness”, more people could live a life dedicated to developing virtues—like being Assertive, Orderly, Generous, Grateful, Forgiving, and having Self-Control.

So in essence, Aristotle was saying—It’s one thing to know what’s right, but it’s another to actually do it. As parents, in the modern world, it’s not enough to simply “tell” our kids to be good. We must help them practice LIVING these character strengths so everyone in the family moves along the continuum towards being exceptional.

Check out this episode for 3 practical ways your whole family can be more intentional about living out these character strengths in day-to-day modern family life so your family can have the life you dream of in the years to come.


For more information on forming the WILL of your child vs. placing emphasis on their intellect, check out Episode 1 of our Podcast featuring our Founder’s personal story of parenting. 

Family life is meant to be EXCEPTIONAL and YOU are the perfect person to influence your kids to build up their character. 

We are in this business to be your guide to growing in character and we provide simple tools to help you do it. 

Visit our shop for tools on how to rally your family to grow in Orderliness/Organization, Gratitude, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility, Respect, Forgiveness and Self-Control.  

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