Simple Tracking to Master Goals and Tackle Problem Areas

I'm thrilled to pull back the curtain on the Langdon family's secret weapon for navigating the chaos of everyday life: our distinctive approach to tracking goals and behaviors. We've cracked the code on structuring our days with clarity and ease, and now, you too can transform those hectic mornings into streamlined operations. Discover how a simple wall calendar became our ally in recording workouts, sleep patterns, and even our kids' responsibilities, turning goal-setting from a game of guesswork into a strategic victory.

In the heart of the episode, we celebrate a recent bedtime shift that has sparked an unexpected renaissance in our family evenings, offering a candid look at the serendipitous joys of parenting. My husband Josh and I unveil how our unified front on bedtime routines has not only strengthened our family dynamics but also empowered us with solid data to improve our decisions regarding health and happiness. Join us for an honest conversation filled with practical, actionable advice that's sure to resonate with fellow parents seeking harmony and health for their loved ones.


  • Tracking behaviors and goals can help identify patterns and make informed decisions for positive change in family life.
  • Using a wall calendar provides a visual orientation to time and allows for a different level of engagement.
  • Being oriented in time and space is important for both parents and children to feel grounded and in control.
  • Tracking frustrations and solutions can help improve routines and solve problems in family life.
  • Sharing and building community, as well as participating in group coaching, can provide support and valuable insights for families.

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