The Science Behind Handwriting That Makes Goals Stick

Ever felt like your parenting goals are vanishing into thin air? I'm Jordan Langdon, and I'm here to assure you that the simple act of writing by hand can anchor those goals and transform your approach to family management. Tune in as I uncover the science of how pen and paper can not only preserve your ambitions but also bring a newfound clarity to your hectic life. We explore how handwriting activates the brain, reinforcing memories and enhancing those critical decision-making skills, which, let's be honest, are a lifeline on those chaotic days of parenting. Don't believe us? Check out this TED talk by Jake Weidmann.

Join me as we discuss strategies for creating achievable to-do lists that go beyond the digital realm, offering the same satisfaction as ticking off items on a grocery list. We'll discuss the mental liberation that comes with getting tasks out of your head and onto paper, making room for life's curveballs without losing your sanity. It's all about turning those airy aspirations into tangible actions, so grab a pen and get ready to put your parenting plans into motion with a clear and focused path ahead.


  • Handwriting activates multiple regions of the brain and enhances memory.
  • Writing down goals and tasks helps with prioritization and clarity.
  • Handwriting provides tactile feedback and cognitive benefits that digital tools lack.
  • Encouraging children to write by hand fosters cognitive development and executive functioning skills.

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