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The first team you have is your family. They’re the ones cheering you on from the beginning as you learn to use a spoon, get your driver’s license, navigate your first job, and everything in between. When you know you belong, that your family is united around you, you feel free to be who you were created to be.

Families of Character is committed to providing families with the best tools to make home the most loving and unified place for children to grow.

We explore the design of parents, the relational environment of home, and how to develop strong character traits within everyone in the family. All of these things lead to healthy relationships, more empathy and understanding, and ultimately, becoming better parents and raising kids to become their authentic and best selves as adults.

meet our team

We're passionate about helping your family find harmony. Our services and products support parents in raising kids of character...all the while having fun doing it!

Meet Jordan, a vibrant wife and mom of 3 and the brain behind Families of Character, a non-profit that turns parents into character-building superheroes. As both a mom and Mental Health professional with 19 years of counseling and coaching under her belt, this Licensed Clinical Social Worker knows the parent struggle all too well.

Jordan's mission? Unveiling stress-busting strategies, making the parenting journey a delight.

Her joy? Turning families into happy, healthy teams, all while keeping the marital spark alive!

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Meet Janet, character test-subject of founder, Steve Markel, seasoned trailblazer, and lifelong leader. As the 2nd oldest of 5 kids, she was her mom's right-hand, helping herd and guide her siblings. Now a wife and mother to 3 + 1 furry friend, Janet is committed to lifelong growth and being the best mom she can be. At Families of Character, she crafts all things creative while providing parents with invaluable tips to empower parents on their journey.

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our story

Although officially founded in 2009, Families of Character emerged from the trials and errors of Steve and Nancy Markel as they navigated the uncertainty of parenting. Many extremely time-consuming and only moderately helpful books, parenting programs, and lectures later, one idea stuck with them — teach your children good habits and they will be successful no matter what they do.

Steve and Nancy learned that the most effective way to truly implement change is with practice. Through this, The Families of Character 3-step Formulas for Family Living was born. It was developed based on the idea that to truly implement change, it must be practiced daily.

Families of Character has progressed from small-group programs to easily applicable ideas that can be replicated in any family. Today, the organization has many couples living out the 3-Step Formula in different parts of the country and throughout the world. The results have been substantial!

Families of Character is currently serving families in 48 states and 65 different countries.