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Toddler Tool Kit

Toddler Tool Kit

Toddler tantrums got you unhinged? Contrary to popular culture’s standards, kids actually appreciate clearly explained rules, standards, and goals that offer them a sense of security and understanding of an otherwise confusing world.

Toddler-hood is the PERFECT TIME to start—and this powerful kit will get you going!

The Toddler Tool Kit includes activities, coloring pages, games, quotes, and tracking tools designed to help kids from 2-5 learn that they are capable of big things! This kit helps your kid develop critical thinking, self-confidence, motivation, kindness, gratitude

With this kit (over 10 pages), your children will learn:

  • gratitude is the foundation of a good attitude
  • people are more important than things
  • doing small things with big effort is rewarding
  • how to recognize their feelings
  • how to spread kindness through action
  • to develop self-confidence, motivation, kindness, and independence

They will also discover that practice makes progress and the importance of daily activities to care for ourselves and those we love.

This kit also contains a valuable guide for parents to explain simple concepts and facilitate activities for toddlers to help them continue to grow in the right direction.

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Ages: 2-6
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