Best Lessons in Generosity

Giving back is always important, but that urge inevitably grows stronger within us around the time of Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because we gather with family and friends who have been good to us or maybe it’s because the spirit of generosity seems to suddenly be everywhere. Whatever it is, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the importance of giving in our lives. Here are a couple things to keep in mind as we enter this season.

 Money cannot buy happiness, unless you spend it on others

Research proves that giving makes us far happier than receiving. It turns out that no matter your income, those who spend money on others are more joyful than those who spend it on themselves. The same is true, not only in giving money, but when giving time and talent as well. Selflessly enriching the lives of others leaves a palpable, positive change–and it’s contagious!

 Generosity comes in many forms

Generosity is not limited to the clichés. While, of course, donating money and volunteering at shelters is a wonderful thing, it’s okay to be creative in the ways that you give to others. A practical way to get started with this is putting your generous energy towards something you sincerely love doing. Do you love to cook? Help whoever is preparing your Thanksgiving dinner. Do you love art? Make works of art for a local nursing home around this holiday season. Do you love sports? Sign up to volunteer at a sports camp or coach a team next spring.

 Practice benefits generosity

It can be painstakingly difficult to master the art of generosity. It is no easy task to always know when to give, how to give, who to give to, and how much to give. However, it does get easier with practice. You will become more aware of your limits, whether it’s more or less than what you are already doing. In no time, you will be a natural.

 There are a lot of things in life we cannot choose, but we all can choose to give. During this holiday season let’s not lose sight of the value of giving to others.

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