A Giving Mindset: How to bring peace and unity to your family no matter the circumstances

Can you imagine your kids pitching in around the house, helping their siblings with their morning routine, or coming up with an idea to help your elderly neighbor on a regular basis WITHOUT complaining? WITHOUT feeling like they needed to be paid or compensated in some way? Can you actually imagine them doing these things OUT OF LOVE…with a JOYFUL HEART? It’s certainly possible! 

In this episode, I share the psychology behind how small acts of giving, every day, can transform someone from a deficit mindset to an abundance mindset. This is so important for our kids, because it’s the difference between them feeling like they always need MORE (making them focused on themselves) to an understanding that they have ENOUGH and actually have more than enough, which allows them to give and serve others from a place of joy. Tune in for 4 practical ideas for conditioning everyone in the family to develop a Giving Mindset, in 2023!



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