A Simple Exercise for Preparing for Summer with Kids at Home

Whether you are over the moon excited for summer or dreading the lack of structure with kids home 7 days a week…this episode can help you be prepared for all the things that make summer so different from other seasons of family life.
This guided exercise leads you through a brief reflection of past summers, helps you identify common problems that arise and prompts you to take action to avoid those same problems this summer.

When we invest time in planning for the seasons of parenting, we see a huge increase in our return!  Afterall, “Planning means bringing the future into the present so we can do something about it now”. Alan Lakein

Grab a pen and paper or use your notes app on your phone and settle in for a listen and some active planning for summer at home with your kids! You’ll be glad you did.


And stay tuned for another episode where we’ve crowdsourced tons of helpful ideas for managing summer, from the parents in our private FB Group, the Thrive Community by Families of Character. We can’t parent in isolation—we need a community of like minded parents who are passionate about sharing resources and learning from each other. Join our group today!

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