An 8-yr-old’s POV on Having a Weekly Family Meeting

How do kids learn to become more responsible for their own activities and schedules? Participating in a simple Weekly Family Meeting where they can both “hear” and “see” what’s coming in the next week is where the magic happens! If you’re tired of shouldering the burden of the family calendar—host a simple family meeting once a week and get everyone on board!

This episode gives a peek into how the Langdon family runs their Weekly Family Meetings—with commentary from their youngest child, Ani. Her POV about how meetings help kids is a simple reminder that kids need us to provide the basic tools for them to become responsible and begin to pitch in and help out.

One great tool for reinforcing this idea of pitching in and helping out is our NEW KID’S JOURNAL—“The Best Me I Can Be”. It’s for kids ages 7-11 and makes a GREAT gift, too! Grab a few copies today and you’ll start noticing your kids thinking of others and taking on personal responsibilities in no time. This journal helps them develop a GIVING Mindset. Don’t delay—buy one today.

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