Back to School — Homework and the Nightly Routine

If you’re frustrated with the evening routine at your house…required homework, 20-30 minutes of nightly reading, dinner time, after school activities and trying to get kids to bed on time…THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!

And…you’re not alone. This has been a HUGE topic of conversation among parents of school-aged kids in our private facebook group, the Thrive Community by Families of Character.

In this episode, I cover 3 primary issues:

  1. Homework—does it actually add value to your kid’s life and is it worth doing.
  2. If your child does have homework, how can you build a nightly routine that makes it fun?
  3. The value of 20-30 minutes of reading and 10 ideas for making reading time fun and something that bonds the entire family.

For the entire article written by a teacher who instituted a “No Homework Policy”, referenced in this episode, visit

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