Coping with Big Emotions—Assess Your Distraction Actions & Cope Better

Everyone has big emotions that bubble up from time to time and most of us aren’t even aware of how we automatically cope with them. Want to know what your go-to distraction actions are? In this episode, the Insight Maximizers, Suze & Jenni, share their professional expertise on managing big emotions and discuss how to replace unhealthy coping behaviors or “distraction actions” with effective and healthy ones.

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Suze Gadol-Anderson is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been counseling clients for over 20 years. Her experience in the field has included working on an inpatient mental health unit, outpatient mental health counseling, and now a private practice counselor. After many years in Texas, she now lives in Oregon. She continues to work virtually and in person with clients from both states. You can find her at and on facebook

Jenni Hubby is the President of J-Hub Consulting based in Texas. She’s a Certified Professional Coach Instructor who trains and mentors new coaches. Her team of coaches help clients maximize their potential in areas such as relationships, recovery, spirituality, career, self-confidence, boundaries, and personal finance. You can find her at, or J-Hub Consulting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or by texting Jenni Hubby, Professional Coach Instructor at 469.348.4517.



Over the years, Jenni and Suze have shared and discussed their experiences at life’s events, such as weddings, holidays, funerals, etc. When they commiserated on why they were both continually surprised by events that had historically repeated themselves, especially involving family, they realized that they were onto something! Everyone has a family. Why not create a process to help us mentally and emotionally prepare for anything? 

This is how the “Insight Maximizers” podcast was born. Together they’re creating processes and writing a book to help people maximize their insights. Find their podcast by searching “Insight Maximizers”. 




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