Crowdsourced: Our Best Tips for Summer, with Niki Langley

If you’re looking for some simple ideas to improve dinner time or strategies for implementing self-care or lunch dates with your spouse, or even simple organization strategies for managing all the daily summer gear… we’ve got you covered.

We have crowdsourced some of the best tips for managing summer with kids at home and gave a shout out to each parent who contributed an idea.  If you’re looking for some simple ideas to improve dinner time or strategies for including parent self-care or lunch dates with your spouse, we’ve got you covered.

Summer isn’t always the glamorous time we imagine. And that’s ok. NO ONE has it “all together”. But together, we can share ideas and try something new to amp up family connections this summer and have some fun!

If you’re interested in doing a simple exercise to PREPARE for summer…listen to Episode 51, Prepare for Summer at Home with Kids. 


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