Navigating Transitions in Marriage

Marriage requires tons of recalibrating over the years!  In this episode, my husband, Josh and I talk about the endless transitions we've navigated and what has kept us afloat and on course over the 19 years of our marriage.

From uprooting our family in Texas and moving to Colorado to grieving miscarriages and making career changes, and multiple other life events, we've been through a lot.

During our podcast conversation, we were reminded of 2 primary intentional actions that have continued to strengthen our bond and take us to the next level in our family goals. 

 1. Communicating intentionally during a scheduled weekly meeting.
2. Writing down our goals and posting them where we both see them every day.

Check out the full episode for a deeper dive into how we've changed over the years and how there's hope for your marriage, too!

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