Family Gratitude: A Work In Progress with Austen Brower

Want to know how to dial up gratitude in YOUR home? This episode is packed with ideas for how to start small in developing the habit of gratitude.  Austen Brower, author of “Gratitude: A Work in Progress”, shares his own journey during 2020 of going from feeling down and lonely to feeling positive and connected when writing 365 Thank You Notes that year. Even better, he shares his 5 Step Framework for starting your own family gratitude project at home, emphasizing that keeping it SIMPLE is key!

Grab a copy of his book—we highly recommend it! It’s a quick read, packed with short stories of several others who have also completed gratitude journeys and the impact doing so had on them, too. Sneak peek—RIPPLE EFFECT! It’ll have you inspired to start your own gratitude journey, for sure! Get to know Austen on FB.

Gratitude is the antidote to selfishness and entitlement. If you want your family to grow in Gratitude, consider buying a copy of our newest Kid’s Journal “The Best Me I Can Be”. It’s packed with clean, entertaining jokes; inspiring stories, and Secret Missions that get kids helping out and expressing gratitude to those closest to them—YOU! It’s on sale in our shop, now!


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