From Family Recipe to Thriving Business: Balancing Parenthood and Entrepreneurship with the Creators of KrackCorn

Ever wondered how to turn a delightful family recipe into a thriving business while maintaining a balanced family life? Today's guest, Danielle Derner, co-creator of KrackCorn, a delicious caramel popcorn snack, will unravel her and her husband Cody's journey from their kitchen to the shelves of major retail stores. Their tale is a testament to their passion, commitment, and love for their grandmother's secret recipe.

Danielle opens up about the conception of their family business amidst the arrival of their second child, and the initial years of juggling between parenthood and entrepreneurship. She'll walk us through the evolution of KrackCorn, from late-night kitchen setups to a full-fledged operation in a larger facility, assisted by 17 employees. Danielle presents an honest representation of running a company, all while nurturing their growing family.

In the final segment, she sheds light on the significance of a balanced lifestyle, and how they foster this through a structured morning routine and intentional parenting. Danielle also discusses their approach to using the 5 Star Days Routine Checklist with their two young daughters to help them crush their morning routine, as well! Danielle & Cody are huge fans of Families of Character and have been implementing FOC products in their home, for the past few years.

Buckle up for a heartfelt episode filled with lessons on entrepreneurship, parenthood, and striking the right balance in life.

You'll also get a sneak peek into our new parent coaching series. If you're invested in personal growth, development, and parenting, this is one conversation you wouldn't want to miss.

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