How Relationship Skills Training Decreases Depression and Anxiety with Lauren Reitsema

Have you ever wondered how personal experiences and hardships can shape and direct someone's career path? Well, you're about to find out from our guest, Lauren Reitsema, President of The Center for Relationship Education.

From the ashes of her parents' divorce, she built a career dedicated to helping relationships succeed. A keen student of interpersonal communication strategies, Lauren shares insights deeply rooted in her own experiences and academic pursuits. She divulges a lot about how she observed data and patterns that influence the outcomes of relationships during her study at TCU (Texas Christian University).

Join us in a thought-provoking discussion on the role of relationship skills training in educational settings and the barriers that stand in the way. Lauren shares startling data on the rise of depression and anxiety among American teenagers and how preventative relationship skills training can be a game-changer. We also navigate the essential topic of teaching children how to recognize and express their emotions, listen, be assertive, apologize, and ask for forgiveness. It's a conversation that promises to equip parents and adults with tools and resources to better understand their feelings and needs.

From Lauren's own motherhood experiences, she gives an invaluable perspective on interdependence and the importance of asking for help. But, she doesn’t shy away from talking about the intricacies of parenting. Lauren shares valuable strategies on effective communication, consistency, and responsibility and how these can shape a child's future.

You can learn more about Lauren's mission at  And be sure to check out her books, Relationship Essentials and In Their Shoes, too!

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