How to Guarantee the Best Mother's Day Ever

Want to know how to knock it out of the park and hit a home run with the mom in your life? In this episode, I talk about how simply ASKING and then suspending judgment towards the answer and simply prioritizing her wants…is the formula for success.  In other words, Ask, Clarify Her Answer by actively listening and avoid assumptions.

According to the History Channel, Mother’s Day was invented by Anna Jarvis to celebrate the sacrifices moms make for their children. It started with the intention of simply giving your mother a single white carnation to wear on the day, spending time with her and going to church together. America has since commercialized the holiday causing great confusion for many who are trying to celebrate the special mom in their life.

To avoid confusion, disappointment, and comparison, simply ASK the mother in your life—or your kids’ lives and work to honor her in that unique way that is meaningful to her.

Want more on active listening? Tune into Episode 49 with Heather Younger for expert advice and a 5-step process for active listening. 


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