How to Notice Meaningful Moments Among the Chaos

Ever feel like you’re in a negative rut and haven’t noticed a peaceful, positive, memorable moment with your kids in a really long time? It happens. Parenting is hard! Sometimes the hard moments seem to really outnumber the good moments. But the truth is, the good moments outweigh the hard moments. 

So, how can we notice more of the good, meaningful moments in family life among the chaos? 

In this episode, we talk about how engaging your 5 senses is your weapon or tool for capturing those meaningful moments. Much like you’d carry a gun to hunt a deer, your 5 senses help you sight in that joyful moment and store it in long-term memory.

The key to this new practice in daily life is to:

  1. Commit to “Go on the hunt” at the beginning of each day. 
  2. Think of your 5 Senses as your weapon or tactical gear and be ready to use them.
  3. Stay watchful throughout the day for moments of peace—that’s your cue you are approaching or IN a memorable or meaningful moment.

When you notice a peaceful moment, you simply tune into what you:

  1. See
  2. Hear
  3. Smell
  4. Feel
  5. Taste

Using descriptive words to identify what you’re experiencing at that moment helps capture the beauty of the moment more fully than if you just said “Oh, this feels nice.”

Getting your whole family on board to “go on the hunt for meaningful moments” will change the entire trajectory of your family’s outlook and those memories of family life when you reflect back.

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