Nutrition and Health Advice for Busy Families, featuring Registered Dietician, Tracy Mann

Want to know what snacks a dietician keeps in her pantry for her own kids?

Tracy Mann, Registered Dietician shares her nutrition and health advice for busy parents who are on the go!

This episode is packed with practical tips for families who need to hit the drive thru a few times a week. Bonus content about how to communicate to your kids about food and body image, too!

Tracy is a registered dietitian, wife of 17 years, and mom of 5 who runs her own virtual nutrition practice. Her niche area of expertise is women’s health but she finds it hard not to help fellow moms and families incorporate ways to positively impact their health. Tracy's clients appreciate the fact that she understands what it means to be a busy parent while trying to manage health goals. She feels successful when she can help families make simple but effective changes and when her clients feel relieved that it doesn’t mean eating organic all the time with a little fast food incorporated, too. In fact, she believes health often means not obsessing, reducing guilt, and finding balance!

When she's not helping her clients strive to feel their best, you’ll likely find Tracy on a sports sideline somewhere in the Denver metro, being a proud minivan pilot, short-on-time family chef, and floundering multi-tasking extraordinaire.

Find Tracy and her team of Registered Dieticians at Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at everyday_nutrition_llc



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