Priceless Advice From a Mother of Grown Children

Who better to ask than someone who’s been there? In this episode, Eileen Lord, mother to 5 grown children and preschool teacher to hundreds of students shares bits of parenting wisdom with our generation.

Some of the tips she gives are:

“Teach your kids “1  2  3…Ask Me”—to remind them to try whatever they are doing 3 times before asking you for help!”

“If your plate feels full and you’re considering saying yes to something someone asks you to do, don’t allow yourself to say yes until you’ve taken something else off your plate so you have room.  If you like what’s already on your plate, give yourself permission to say no.”

Start “Family Fun Friday Nights” and make a habit of doing something your whole family loves every Friday. It’ll last until they leave the nest!

“Allow your child to choose books that are 1-2 levels below their reading level so they will enjoy mastering their books and ignite a love for reading vs pushing through when they are frustrated.”

Listen to the full episode for many many more!

Eileen recommends The Reading Center in Rochester, MN if you have a child who has difficulty reading and you’re suspecting dyslexia is the culprit. Her daughter had great success after being seen there and now has a love for reading without any shame attached to her diagnosis.

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Kid tested, preschool teacher approved!

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