Responding vs Reacting to Your Kids

We all want our children to have a confident mindset, where they are rebounding from mistakes quickly, ready to try again…with courage and perseverance! But what if our REACTIONS to them are actually shaming them, instead, creating an inner dialogue for them that limits their growth and resiliency?

Take a listen to dive deeper into WHY we tend to REACT instead of responding to our kids when they make mistakes, share new information with us or engage in repetitive behavior like whining or fighting with their siblings. I also explore the consequences of knee-jerk reactions, to both the parent and child. 

Want to know the Top 2 Most Important Parenting Skills that help turn a reactive parent into a responsive parent? I cover that in this episode, too. 

Take our challenge, at the end of this episode, to improve your self care and put on a new mindset of expecting mistakes. Small progress, daily, is the name of the game!

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