Surviving in a disconnected world. How to find real connection in your family.

Short on time, but looking for greater CONNECTION in your family?

If you’re always on the go and feel some distance between you and your spouse and/or kids…take a listen! This episode not only highlights the risks of continuing to blow through life without intentional connection, it also provides practical tips for connecting, even when your family life is fast paced.  

Prioritizing connection and belonging in your family may be the most important thing you ever do.

We were made for human connection! Fostering a sense of belonging among the members of your family is crucial to their happiness, success and overall health. Watch this great YouTube Video by Amelia Franck Meyer, for more about the Human Need for Belonging! 

Want Simple Step by Step Instructions for dialing up the connection and belonging in your family? Listen to Episode #10 of our Show, “How to Implement a Weekly Family Meeting”!



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