The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Kids for a Successful Year

With school starting and all the things this season brings…backpacks, science projects, lunch boxes, hats, and gloves, we could all use some advice on how to help organize our kids for a successful year. 

Well, you’re in luck! In this episode, I’ve got a lovely guest on the show who is both a mom and Professional Organizer. She’s the Founder of Bring it Home Style - a business she created in order to assist people in decluttering and organizing, preparing for a move, and home staging, too!

In this episode, she focuses specifically on the 3 biggest problem areas of the home, for most families.

  1. Kids bedrooms
  2. Mudroom/“Drop Zone”
  3. Snack Cabinet/Pantry
She reminds us:  “Kids function best and are happier when they have just 4-10 toys to play with” and emphasizes that helping a child de-clutter before setting up organized places for their toys is the best place to start.  

This episode is packed with practical, low-budget ideas for getting these 3 zones of your home organized and functional so your family can find things easily, have more peace of mind, and can enjoy the things that matter most.

To contact Angela Nguyen for a personal consultation, visit her website, Bring it Home Style

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