Transform your Family with Active Listening, featuring Heather Younger

Tired of feeling like no one is truly listening? It’s common in family life. When we are living at the speed of light, going from one sporting event to another, eating on the go and working too…communication falls by the wayside, leaving everyone feeling disconnected and misunderstood.

In this episode, Heather Younger, the World’s Leading Expert on “Listening at Work” gives her 5 Step Cycle for Active Listening, as it relates to communication in family life! As a parent herself and an executive in business, she knows what’s missing at home and at work that contributes to people feeling disconnected, unheard, and unhappy.

She emphasizes that with kids having different personalities and temperaments, it’s important to have skills for active listening so we can Recognize the Unsaid, Seek to Understand, Decode, Act, and then Close the Loop!

I recommend you grab a copy of her newest book, The Art of Active Listening! Be sure to check out her Ted-X talks on YouTube, too! You can find her home base at and she’s on all the social channels and LinkedIn, too! Join her Active Listening Movement Community today so you too can find connection and understanding within the most important team you will ever be part of - your family!


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