Two Phrases That Immediately Relieve Stress

Parenting is stressful! And we could all use some relief.  This episode covers the two phrases that tend to bring immediate relief amongst the chaos and stress of parenting. If you aren’t using these phrases with your spouse, partner, or friends already, consider this a challenge to start integrating them into your daily vocabulary.  And let’s be honest…it isn’t just the phrase (what you say…because it’s easy to spout out words), it’s about the follow through too!  

Here they are:

  • “What can I do to help?”
  • “Listen to your (mother/father).”

    These two phrases and the follow through, instantly communicate - someone is on your side…you’re not alone…you’ve got support, a helper, a teammate.  Expecting that your spouse or partner or even a friend who may be single parenting, just “knows” you’re on their side or “knows” you’ve got their back…isn’t enough. Validating their distress by speaking up and offering to help and supporting their boundaries really counts! It adds value to the relationship-for everyone involved!


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