What factor best predicts future health and happiness in a child or teenager?

Want to know WHAT TRULY MATTERS when raising kids? 

Leonard Sax, globally recognized Family Physician and Psychologist, shares what we should do, as parents, in the 21st-century to raise happy, healthy, and successful kids.

This episode includes all his latest research about the following HOT topics:

  • What's WRONG with today's parenting 
  • The effects of video games on kids 
  • The American culture of disrespect - music, tv & social media
  • Rules at home for managing screens
  • College - does the school matter?
  • Importance of developing virtue, aka “character” at home vs outsourcing to schools

Books he has authored:

  • The Collapse of Parenting, How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown Ups
  • Boys Adrift
  • Girls on the Edge
  • Why Gender Matters

Check out his website: www.leonardsax.com to access his most recent article “Why Culture Matters” and to find his speaking schedule. We highly recommend going to one of his talks, in person! 

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