What's LOVE got to do with it?

All of us desire to be loved. It’s natural! But love is misrepresented in our culture. So, how do we teach our kids how to truly LOVE? In this episode, I explore the true definition of love—dying to self—sacrifice. Tune in for practical ways your family can develop a Giving Mindset—doing one small thing every day to condition the behavior of self sacrifice (love). When families commit to just one small act of love daily for 30-60 days, they report LESS FIGHTING, LESS TANTRUMS, MORE PITCHING IN AND A TEAM MENTALITY! 

We are all about tools that help develop healthy habits! Check out our NEWEST TOOL: a Kids Guided Journal—"THE BEST ME I CAN BE!" A few pages each day and your kids will be pitching in and helping out with a Giving Mindset! Get yours TODAY! 


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