The BIGGEST Mistake Parents Are Making. A Personal Story From Our CEO.

Want to know the biggest mistake you may be making as a parent? In this episode, Steve Markel, CEO and Founder of Families of Character shares his personal story about raising 5 kids, the biggest mistake he & his wife had NO IDEA they were making and how their family later experienced positive transformation.  This episode gives you a deeper dive into the WHY behind our mission at Families of Character and will help you turn things around if you're making this same mistake too.




Topic Themes:

  1.  Parenting experts agree - "If you develop moral character in your kids, they will be successful no matter what they choose to do." Min: 2:45
  2. "12 years ago, there was no practical application for developing character in your kids."  Min: 4:03
  3.  We mean well and have great intentions for raising happy, healthy, successful kids, but they don't just turn out that way, by accident. How can we be intentional about forming their character? Min: 13:53 
  4. Keeping score in your marriage and how to break that habit and grow in joy and unity. Min 27:38

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